A downloadable Defencer I for Windows

Hostile creatures flew from space, ready to seize power over your world. Your army creates weapons that can defeat them, but they cannot do without a commander.

Your task is to confront them and defeat their bosses to save all of humanity.

P. S.  This is my first game I have ever created.

I continue to work on this project, I want to bring all my creativity to this game to make it interesting for you. If you have any wishes or ideas, I am always ready to listen to them. 

I made 2 versions of the game, one is easy to play, other is a little hard. This means you need to think logically and spend your money rationally  to defeat your enemies .

Thank you for playing with me.    GI.Corp


Defencer I DEMO V01 (Easy).rar 36 MB
Defencer I DEMO V01 (Hard).rar 36 MB

Install instructions

There are 2 files (archives) :

- Defencer I DEMO (Easy)

-Defencer I DEMO (Hard)

Unzip the archive with the "defencer I demo" folder into any folder, before starting to play read README file, then run "defencer I demo.exe" and enjoy.


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